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Question About '06 vs '09 Engine Changes

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My '06 Ridgeline currently has 130,000 miles on it, and I'm starting to think about potential replacement vehicles in a couple more years. I'm a pretty big fan of the new Colorado, but one other option I recently started thinking about is just going with a newer Gen 1 Ridgeline. This got me wondering about how much of a difference is really felt when driving the '09 and newer Ridgelines compared to the older '06-'08 models. I understand they made several changes to the engine in '09, but how does that actually translate to real-world driving? I believe there are several members on this forum who have owned multiple Ridgelines, I'm curious what your feedback would be about the differences between the two engines (performance, mpg's, etc). Thanks!
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I can give you advice on the new gen (2016+) Colorado. The ease of switching to 2WD and 4WD saves a lot on fuel economy, combined with the aerodynamics (active shutters, lower lip, etc), but the moment heavy rain and snow are in place, I would ditch it. I had the privilege of owning and driving a 2016 Colorado Z71 from Jan to Sep of 2016 and put a little over 18K miles on it. I have a new born kid, and I made sure that the Ridgeline was ready for the kid and never bothered to outfit the Colorado with anything child related. Ridgeline is safer to drive, confidence inspiring and surefooted, than the Colorado. I am sure a lot would say I am out of my mind, but I cover half of the east coast with my trucks in all weather conditions, and Ridgeline is the car for me. I would say look into the 2009 - 2014 line (I have the 2010). Fuel economy may not be great, but definitely nothing to worry when safety is the priority.
If you choose to buy a Colorado dont purchase any early ones.
I would get a 2017 or later model, with the new engine/tranny combo and AutoTrac 4x4 (not available on the gas 2016 models). I'm also very interested to see what a new Ranger may be all about. The new Ridgeline holds no appeal to me at all, so it's off the list.
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