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go4bal said:
I just added Sirius to my Ridgeline. I had Best Buy install it so that all of the wires are hided and the power is wired internally.

My question: Is there a way to hard wire the Sirius tuner directly to the Ridgeline stereo? Best Buy said that it would require some sort of adapter? Currently it is using the FM modulator (wireless).


St. Louis, MO
If you do not have factory XM or NAV, then yes, there is a way. There is an AUX input adaptor you can use. It will allow you to hear Sirius (Volume, bass, treble, etc.) through the OEM head unit, but you cannot change stations, presets, etc. The adaptor gives you RCA inputs. Depending on your Sirius receiver, you will need a cable to connect to it, usually one with a headphone style plug on one end, and RCA on the other. (Available at Radio Shack, for like $5) The sound quality is night and day compared to the FM modulator. You can find the adaptor here :

I used the same item in my Ridge, and it works great. PM me with any questions..
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