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Hey ROC; excuse me for the silly question (long work day), but I couldn't find any threads mentioning the part # for the interior hood light replacement (pictured below).

If anyone could direct me to the right part # / website to purchase, I'll send you a 6-pack of your favourite beverage :act035: (LOL).

Thanks for looking!

PS, while we're on the subject...what about the light that's under the heated seat buttons below the dash? One of those is burnt out too! :act051:


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Re: Quick question about interior hood light replacement!

If you use the search in the Blue Bar and search for 'Dome Light' or 'Map Light', you should find some links like this one...

Or this one, with some part numbers

And one of our site sponsors, Diode Dynamics, can sell you an LED upgrade kit, not cheap, but very high quality from what I've Read
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