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Saturday morning we will not be out in the parking lot. Instead, we will have our hotel-provided breakfast and coffee, then head into one of the hotel's largest conference rooms for yet another surprise. Time permitting, we'll do the giveaways in there before heading to Honda.

The tentative time to be in the Bonhomme Room at our hotel is 10am. Watch for further details about that.

At the dealership, you'll not only be able to check out the SEMA street Ridgeline but other Ridgelines being trucked in. Also, there will be a few demonstrations taking place outside.

Saturday night is an open night but we are recommending Westport Plaza as the "place to be", only maybe 3 exits down I-270 from our hotel. A great place with lots to check out, whether food, entertainment or fun. According to their schedule, they have live entertainment outside from 6-8. Some of the pubs have a cover for their live bands but there are several great restaurants here, a Starbucks, a St. Louis Bread Company, a Funny Bone Comedy Club and more.

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