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Official Schedule
Please be sure to watch the Schedule page on the official meet site. I continue to update it as we finalize more details for this year's ROC national meet.

Baja Truck - Not Available
I announced it earlier, but the Baja race truck will not be at the meet. We have substituted that with another truck that was at SEMA. So, there will be several trucks to check out over at Huey's on Saturday.

Important re: service clinics...
The service manager at Huey's is out on vacation for another few days, so you won't hear from me about scheduling your service clinic appointment until later this week (week of 7/23).

Also, we assume that we'll be able to accommodate all of the requests that have been made from those of you who interacted with me about the service clinics (officially). However, please be flexible and patient in the event that something comes up and we are only able to get some of your items complete. It's all free and it's all a perk. We'll do the best we can with the time we have.

Directions, Information, Answers to Questions
We will have an official welcome packet when you arrive in St. Louis, but you need to check-in with me or Julie (my wife) at the hotel. That packet will include some maps, lists of things to do in St. Louis, our official schedule and anything else that you need to know for that weekend. If you can't catch us at the hotel, we'll bring all of the goodies with us to Huey's on Saturday as well.

Don't forget, we're giving away prizes at the meet thanks to our many great sponsors! That will probably happen on Saturday morning at the group meeting.
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