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Only two weeks away from the largest gathering of Ridgelines in the world!

Here's a quick update as we finalize details more and more each day:

1) The Baja truck will not be at the meet after all. But, we will have plenty of other things lined up for Huey's to check out and watch.

2) I will be contacting registered members soon if you wanted to do the service clinics at the dealership on Saturday. There will be a number for you to call and information you will need to provide to schedule your appointment for that afternoon. Stay tuned...don't call until I let you know.

3) We are still trying to line up even more great things for the meet. Meanwhile, I continue to update the official schedule page on our official meet site. Please be sure to check that out from time to time.

4) About a week out from the meet, I'll send a detailed email to everyone with more details and information. We'll also provide a welcome packet upon your check-in (with me/Julie) at the meet. That will have details, maps, etc.

We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones!!
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