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So the real question is what is the difference between the 06-08 vs 09+? Then comes can you put a 09+ in an 06-08? Or is there actually structural difference or do the 09+ just don't have enough miles/use to have this problem yet? If the 09 is structurally better I would highly consider using it over the 06-08 version when I change mine out but there does not seem to be any solid info on what changed in the 09+ other than part number and part number for the hoses.
This was sort of the basis of my question. Did the actual cooler design change in 2009 which mitigates the problem, or were there some dimensional changes only to the radiator requiring a different part number? It sounds like at least one member had corrosion on a 2009 radiator (below), but it's hard to tell if the design of the cooler is the same, presenting the same hazard.
1 - 4 of 47 Posts
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