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Well I just spent the last hour trying to find a thread or post on this.... plenty about dash control lights, climate control lights, and heated seat lights (thanks for that.. I've got to replace one of those also); BUT I could find nothing on the radio button lights. AND they are not listed in the parts lists/diagrams at dealer sights on-line. FYI, this is an RTL with Nav radio in a 2006 RL.

Soooo, does anyone here know:
1) What bulb p/n goes behind that seek/skip button? (or what type & power)
2) How do you get that button off (or how do you get behind it) to replace the burned out bulb?

Thanks in advance. :)

I'm wondering if Speedlever is going to come up with a diagram, even though I have found none..... it wouldn't surprise me. :act024::act024:
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