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rain guards

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Does anybody make rain guards yet. I cannot even crack open the window without getting wet
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I can report that the OEM's work perfectly. We've had a lot more rain than usual and everything is perfect. They do not whistle (unless I haven't experienced the perfect wind direction vs. speed scenario)

I think they look good, are sturdy and have not even budged in the car wash.

I'm a die-hard weathertech floor mat and window visor customer, I couldn't wait for the visors with all this rain. I'll wait till the snow flies on the mats.

I grade them A+
I'll concur...the OEM's work perfectly and look pretty sharp.
I finally received the AVS's and I'm really happy with how they look. These are in channel and installation was easy. I won't know how well they work or if they make any noise since it recommends not to open the windows for 72 hours, but I will update this when I do.

Update: They are holding on well and on the highway they make no extra noise. The best part is they are doing a good job of deflecting water, so all smiles here.


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AVS part number is 194276

They will be available here:AVS In-Channel Vent Visors, Auto Ventshade In Channel Window Deflectors

Price there is 64.17

Shows availability around 9/12

They are also here Auto Ventshade Ventvisor In-Channel Deflector 4 pc. 194276 - Truck Caps & Automotive Accessories from Action Car and Truck with MRSP of 99.99, call for availibility
Just ordered my AVS in channel window wind deflectors for $53.99 off of Amazon, plus there is a $10 mail in rebate in effect. If you are interested, check them out. The lower price is from a different seller than the main page for them. I had to send a message to Lund to find out why they have 2 different model numbers listed for their Bugdeflector II bug shield.
Just ordered those, thanks! I like those better than the OEM
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The in channel ones from WeatherTech that I had never made any noticeable wind noise.
They sure made noise in my '01 Accord!
Anybody tried the AVS Tape on Vent Visors on ridgeline any Pics
I have AVS on my 2022 RTL-E, as well as bug deflector been using AVS on nearly all vehicles and NO Issues over many years. I like the in channel window visors once installed looks much cleaner than the stick on window visors. They stay on better cause window holds them in tight, very little if any wind noise. Usually buy direct from Lund/Vent Visor. I install all myself. so it is easy
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