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I do have the steering wheel creek in my RL.
I did want to say in the past years I have had A Tahoe, (2) 4-Runners, Trailblazer, F-250, A Tacomma, and last Vehicle was a jeep wrangler...want a jeep:)
Anyway out of all of these, even the top end Tahoe and 4 runner limiteds, they all rattle, creek or whatever. Trucks & SUV's - thats what they do.
All and all the RL is the best enginnered vehicle I've had the pleasure to drive. Sure its a 1st year run vehicle & I'll bet the farm that Honda will fix ours, and design next years or sooner to not have these issues. I can tell you from others experiances and mine, if GM or ford had these issues, you would be looking for a lawyer to see if you could use the lemon law. I doubt Honda will leave us hanging.
Just my 2 cents worth
I Love this truck! :) :)
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