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real bed extender

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Has anyone tried to or seen someone make a real bed extender out to 8 feet, not the kind you buy for Honda. I'm talking about a real useful one that can temporarily make it a long bed truck.
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Can you post an example of a "real" bed extender? I've never seen one that wasn't the curved tube steel type sold with the RL. Are you talking about more of a slide out bed load floor like they sell for loading ATVs and golf carts?

There are also the hitch mounted supports which you can use for long material and those should work the same in a RL as in any vehicle with a hitch receiver.
on my G1 I just use a T adapter and 2" tubing to extend the bed. Got it a HarborFright I think. Good enough for 12' boxes of vinyl siding. Just need to remember its sticks way way way out there! :)


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Good picture, your ahead of most.....everyone has a question but not one has interest in adding a picture so all can try to understand your thoughts..... please post pictures to sell your ideas etc.
I'll have to get one of these. I was able to fit a couple 16 footers out my old CRV. This may be the only draw back for a semi-short bed truck. These extenders will help though.
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