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Rear Climate Control Settings

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How do you set the rear temp & fan settings differently than the front? I know the rear will match the front using the sync function. I can see the rear settings on the front control panel but that's it. The owner's manual talks about a rear climate control panel but my BE doesn't have one. What am I missing?
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dingmah, I would love to use this photo you took on the Wikipedia article on the Ridgeline to help express the differences in the US vise Canadian models. If you are willing to publish and open up your photo's copyright to Wikipedia, take a look at post 19 of the "G2 Pics Needed" thread, send me a private message (PM), and I will walk you through the rest. Thanks, in advance, for your help.
Am I reading the Canadian trim level options correctly; the LX model has no rear climate control nor heated rear seats, the Sport trim has rear climate control but no heated rear seats, and the top three trims (EX-L, Touring, and Black Edition) have both rear climate controls and rear heated seats? If that's correct, does the Sport trim come with the same rear control interface as the Canadian Pilot LX and EX trims as well as the US Pilot's that don't have second-row captain's chairs (see Honda Pilot photo below)? Also, does the Canadian Ridgelines with rear heated seats only heat the outboard seating positions or does it also heat the middle passanger position? If the latter, how does one control the temperature for the center position?

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Good questions but wouldn't that middle seating position just be considered the same as the other outboard seat. When you flip that side up it's all one seat. I wondered about this also nice features they get.
That would make sense given the 60/40 split bench seat.
Great information everyone. Thank you!

Are there any northern brothers or sisters that have a 2017 Ridgeline Sport? If so, can you tell me if there's a rear climate control panel at the back of the center console? If so, what does it look like?
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I have the Sport and it doesn't have rear seat climate controls, the rear climate can only be controlled by the front panel.
Okay, thanks!
Are any of our Canadian brothers and sisters interested in helping out with the Wikipedia article on the Ridgeline? If so, I'm still in need of a picture of the rear-seat climate control system on the upper trims of the Canadian Gen2. The picture "dingmah" has did not work out. If anyone is willing to take a picture of this control panel and is willing to formally authorized Wikipedia to use your photo, it would really help.

Instructions on what to do can be found here:
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