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Rear Climate Control Settings

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How do you set the rear temp & fan settings differently than the front? I know the rear will match the front using the sync function. I can see the rear settings on the front control panel but that's it. The owner's manual talks about a rear climate control panel but my BE doesn't have one. What am I missing?
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Except for Canadian models, where there are rear seat controls! :D
I find these small variations between US and Canadian models really fascinating. Honda would only have done this if they thought that these were essential to Canadian buyers. You really have to wonder, for example, why rear climate controls are essential to Canadian buyers, but not to US buyers. Intriguing.
We Canadians need our heated seats all around and AWD. Package those two together, and the trim level sells like hot cakes.
OK, but what about ventilated seats?
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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