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Rear Climate Control Settings

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How do you set the rear temp & fan settings differently than the front? I know the rear will match the front using the sync function. I can see the rear settings on the front control panel but that's it. The owner's manual talks about a rear climate control panel but my BE doesn't have one. What am I missing?
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I'd *much* rather have ventilated seats than heated seats. Had ventilated on my Kia Optima, and was fabulous... I never used the heated function.

Sucks for me...
Move up north a little and you would want heated seats like your afternoon Temp was 80 degrees feeling like 85.
Washington, DC was 94 degrees but feeling like 100 . Winter Temps are going to be more often times colder in early morning or late evening. I had 94 Accord new at time for 6yrs ownership. At time when I got it was working evening shift not getting off until 10-11PM. The car heated better than 1990 Accord that I had being a newer redesigned model but 90 had cloth 94 had leather. But the initial getting into the car at night making the 30min trip home was chilly sometime. Now when I got my 00 Acura TL with leather heated seats a world of difference. I can compensate for the hot leather with A/C and using a heat shield sun shade when vehicle is parked. With tinted windows even better. I had loaner 2017 RDX Black/Black with perforated seats non ventilated when it was hot back in June. A/C was fine in this vehicle seats were comfortable and interior cooled good enough. If it had the sunshield and front door tint it would have been better. This is the same color combo on the Black Edition Ridgeline that I will get whenever.
Might be a nice feature having ventilated seats but I could work around them with remote start to cool interior down before entering.
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Am I reading the Canadian trim level options correctly; the LX model has no rear climate control nor heated rear seats, the Sport trim has rear climate control but no heated rear seats, and the top three trims (EX-L, Touring, and Black Edition) have both rear climate controls and rear heated seats? If that's correct, does the Sport trim come with the same rear control interface as the Canadian Pilot LX and EX trims as well as the US Pilot's that don't have second-row captain's chairs (see Honda Pilot photo below)? Also, does the Canadian Ridgelines with rear heated seats only heat the outboard seating positions or does it also heat the middle passanger position? If the latter, how does one control the temperature for the center position?

Good questions but wouldn't that middle seating position just be considered the same as the other outboard seat. When you flip that side up it's all one seat. I wondered about this also nice features they get.
Made me go out in the cold and check. The perforated sections of the rear seats only heat. The centre section is solid leather and does not heat. So, only the outboard rear seats heat and that heat is isolated to the perforated leather sections of each seat.
Thanks for checking.
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