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Rear diff, VTM-4 fluid change

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I bought my RTL at 60k miles and changed all the fluids and filters. Today, at 85k miles, it was time to change the rear diff fluid per the Maint Minder. The drain plug magnet and fluid were perfectly clean.

What is the normal diff fluid change interval per MM?
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The MM will call for the rear diff service at the OCI just prior to reaching 15k miles. The next callout will be about 30k miles later (~45k miles).

The normal service schedule is a little more conservative and calls for the service again at 30k miles, then every 30k miles as breye noted.
I own two VTM-4 vehicles ('09 Ridgeline and '05 MDX) and I just change the VTM-4 fluid at 25k mile intervals on multiples of 25k on the odometer (100k, 125k, 150k), etc. I do the transfer case fluid at the same time, as well as one drain/fill of the transmission fluid. It's just easier to me that way -- you always know when the next one is and you'll never have to think about (when was the last time I changed that...?).
I keep a logbook in each vehicle. I don't have to guess either. ;)
I keep a logbook in each vehicle. I don't have to guess either. ;)
Same here. I've long since quit trying to remember what got done to what.
I like the 25k interval idea. I might have to start doing that myself.

One thing you have to remember about the RL, and I am sure it's the same with other Honda vehicles, they are very fluid sensitive...for lack of a better term. You really notice the difference in performance of the vehicle if you keep up on your fluid changes.

I recently got a reminder from a local garage that my tranny, transfer case, and VTM fluids needed to be changed. I could have sworn I just did all 3. I checked my maintenance schedule and, sure enough, I needed to do all I had just gone over 35k since my last tranny fluid change (at that time I did the change, run it for a couple weeks, change, run it for a couple of weeks, change thing).

I did notice that my gear changes had been a bit hitchy as of late, so I went onto eBay, bought myself 3 quarts of tranny fluid (I had another one in my garage), and did the change. It took a little over the 3.3 quarts that is normal for a tranny fluid took a bit over 3.6 quarts to get it to the full mark...and I immedialy noticed an improvement in shifting. No hesitation any more, and the shift changes were much more crisp and decisive...for lack of a better term. No more hitchy/jerky shift changes.

So, long story short...yep, keep up on your fluid changes, and your RL will be much happier. I am at 173,000 right now...and getting to 200,000+ should not be a problem whatsoever.
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I keep a spreadsheet to track each vehicle. I drive so few miles the spreadsheets keep me straight.
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