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Rear seat - which bolts will I need?

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Might sound weird for some of you...

I have tried to search the parts diagrams, but cannot find the right item. I am in the process of reinstalling my rear seat. It was removed from the car when imported to Norway due to taxes. When buying the car as the 5th owner, all the hardware was gone.

I have collected everything I need excecpt the floor bolts for the rear seat frame. Please help me with the dimensions and number of bolts I need to buy. I believe there should be four?

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Not sure what you mean by "floor bolts", but here's the diagram for the rear seat hardware. Item #24 (6 required) might be what you seek. Or are you talking about the hardware that fastens the leg guide to the floor? (I got this from, but should be the same at any Honda OEM source... except price of course)

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It is the correct item. I couldn't find them in the diagram I looked at for some reason...

Do you know the thread pattern and dimensions so I can get these from the local hardware store?

I am so looking forward to finally having a rear seat in my RL!
It's a M10x25mm. From what I recall when I had my rear seat out, it's full-length threaded (i.e. doesn't have an unthreaded portion on the shaft).

Chip H.
I remember when I re-installed the rear seat in my '11 RTS after adding a Bazooka Sub I stripped one the bolts. There are instructions on the order to install the bolts so as to prevent that. At the time I just took the bolt to the store and got a replacement. This thread may help with the size.
I'll find these at the hardware store for less than half the price the Honda dealer is asking.

I will have my rear seat installation approved March 17th, and then my RL will be complete again.

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