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Rear under seat storage tray

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Has anyone opted for the Honda rear, under seat storage tray and if so, how much of the storage sapce does it take if ytou were ot fold the seats up. Would a large dog or a mountain bike still be able to get in there?

thanks for any feedback

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I just got one a few hours ago with the net. I ordered it sight unseen because of all of the junk that I carry. I shared the same concerns. It comes out easily with two large thumb screws. No tools required. I like it.
To answer your questions, I think that a large dog would be a problem. I know that my lab would be all over it and no doubt break it. I don't think that it is sturdy enough to handle my clumsy dog. It seems to fill the space under the seat so I suspect that a mountain bike probably would get hung up on it. Someone that has one and has loaded a mountain bike could answer that better than I can.
Beauty, thanks for that. I guess becsue it looks like it comes out to the edge of the seat, there is not a hell of a lot of room between it and the back of the front seats.

I just installed mine yesterday. I will take some pics for you with the seats down and up. I'll post them by tomorrow AM.
I don't bike, so my only concern was making a good dog area. We have two Weimaraners and they fit with room to spare but they are above the storage unit now. I would think that asking a dog to stand in front of the storage unit would be a bit much. Buying the underseat storage proved essential to our dog deck design. I'll post a few photos of the dog deck we constructed over in the new self install mods category. Meanwhile, I can post a couple of photos of the storage unit in the backseat area, both full and empty, so you can see how functional it is to stow extra items.


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Thanks for the pics, I'm for sure going for it and I'll look forward to the pics from both of you. Thanks for posting these.

take care
My mountain bike does fit with the rear seats up but I have to remove the bikes front wheel.
I still did not order one because I have a tan interior and they come in gray. Has anyone put one in a tan interior? How does it look?

This is a first for me, so 'hope I'm doing it right. Don't know if anyone's still reading this string, but thought I'd add an observation. The original question was about an "underseat stroage tray". I have been researching options to get on my new Ridgeline & was puzzled by the two separate (& very differently priced) options for "storage tray" vs. "storage system". Most sites, including Honda, have the same picture for both. I was finally able to see that these pics (probably all originated from Honda) are incorrect for the "storage tray". One site I found shows them both correctly, and they are different - the "storage system" is the one with the box & net etc. The "storage tray" should be more friendly for those interested in max use for this space (as the reader with the large dog). You can see pics of both clearly at this web site. They also have what looks to me to be some pretty good pricing for accessories:

Good Luck - Dnick
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You are absolutely correct. What I have photographed is called the storage system. The tray is just a tray. It would depend what you wanted to stow away and if it needs to be contained with the net.

It's silly that they are not offering this interior products in tan. Of course people would rather match their color.
very cool, thanks for posting that. As the storage system is easily put in and taken out form what I've gleened form this string, then that is what I've ordered.

c ya
This is an easy self install. There are some mounting brackets that you cut the carpet to bolt into place. The carpet is marked right where the brackets go. All the parts are included. Then the storage unit attaches with bolts with large knobs that are easy to turn. It's very solid when attached. Actually, I don't think it's going anywhere when it's not attached, especially if you have a few things in it. There's a big plastic lip on the floor right in front of it. If the seats are down, that would also contain it.

I'll post a few pics under the mods/self install category.
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