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Recall Rental w/ a Hitch?

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Going on 4 months in a Rent-a-Beast from Enterprise, and no end in sight. Being told they can give me a truck which i have (F-150), but they don't have hitches on their rental vehicles for liability reasons. You can see where the F-150 is wired for towing but part of hitch was removed. So how am I supposed to tow my boat, or my trailer, or use my bike rack?

Just curious if your Rent-a-Beast had a hitch or not, or perhaps the local enterprise is just feeding me BS. I know some people got a minivan, or a dogde dart, so I guess i cant complain too much.
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Enterprise Rent-A-CAR don't approve of towing in rentals. They have a different franchise for that. I would read your contract. Maybe if you are using your own insurance you may have an out? My first airbag loaner was a Silverado and it had everything but the ball.
Thanks. Those look like 3/4 ton trucks. Sounds like it must be luck of the draw whether you get a truck with a fully functional hitch.
My Frontier has a Class III on it and wired (7 pin ), in fact in the storage area there is a unopened box that has the receiver but no ball.... from Enterprise
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