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Recharged the AC in my 08 RL with 395k KM

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Have had my RL about a month and it has approx 395k km. AC blowing hot air.

I watched a bunch of videos and was almost scarred off by Scotty Kilmer (I'm a big fan for years) but decided to take the risk.

Drained one bottle (425g) with the engine running, AC on blast with the can connected to the low pressure, service port. AC is blowing cold now.

The guy at the parts counter sold me two cans and the connector. I decided to not add any more than the one can because I can't really tell how much is actually in the system and if I'm not mistaken, Scotty said that most AC units in cars hold 450g. I didn't want to risk anything else. I did notice that one of the fans (AC compressor fan?) kicked on about a minute or so into the procedure.

When I unhooked the connector, a little bit of green (refrigerant?) pop-fizzed out of the port kind of like cracking a fresh soda, which I quickly wiped away. (I was wearing my safety sunglasses).

So far so good but I was just curious, does anyone have any experience with this and offer me any tips, advice or what to expect in the future?

Thank you kindly!


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It looks like a dye that was added to help locate leaks in the system.

I've used those DIY cans in the past and in some cases they provided cooler air. It's really better using a set of manifold gauges to do it properly. You can rent them at most auto parts stores.
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