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Chris, member "feelmuhpino" just did the Pilot upgrade, I think he stuck with stock Pilot Pads and ordered all OEM parts. I believe he has all the part numbers, if your interested I think he's the most active member who has completed it.

I was considering this upgrade but I'm going to wait til a caliper needs replacing. If I had gotten my dad's travel trailer earlier this year, I would have gone this route. For now I've placed this on the "back burner". I do have a spreadsheet with a bunch of notes, it's incomplete but, I'm attaching it with my research, I'm not confident it's complete and there are some conflicts within it?

Here are a bunch of helpful links for Brakes

Pilot bigger brakes on the RL

Pilot brake swap, Bigger Calipers,Rotors, Pads

New EBC rotors, Pads and Calipers and brake lines etc fitted

Brake Fluid Change See Post 34

Rear Rotor's FWIW
Thank you for posting :act035:
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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