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Recommended bed cover?

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Looking for a bed cover for my 2013 Ridgeline Sport. Any recommendations?
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We like the back flip1 works great
Wow! That's a bit pricey for my range.
I think I read somewhere else that the Honda OEM one works just fine and it could be mated to a bed extender.
Do you guys know anything about this?
I'm looking for a bed cover that can be removed fairly easily.

Thanks for the feedback guys.
Have an Access Rollup cover. Quality product.
Peragon rules in my book. I'm on my second (2 RL's) and customer service is great.
I'm looking for a Rollup soft cover Tonneau cover for my 2017 Ridgeline, does anyone have any suggestions that aren't more that like 400$, I know that Tonneau covers sites have what i wants for like 450$. I'm trying to find a cheaper options.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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