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Regarding Honda Quality .... some current insight

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Here's an insightful look into Honda's perspective on what they've been experiencing lately, and how they are reacting to it. Most of this reflects what many of us have discussed one way or another here on the ROC for quite some time.

It will be interesting if these current sentiments reflect a pending turnaround up from the unflattering blips of recent quality problems; or if it will turn out to be a bad case of wishful thinking & denial.

I for one, am thinking Honda has suffered a corporate-size "significant emotional event" under Ito, and that they will do anything to avoid continuing down that embarrassing path. But I also think it could take 2 or 3 more years for us on the far end of the development-to-consumer chain to really know how well they can or will bounce back from impending mediocrity.

Honda CEO Pledges Quality Over Quantity - Bloomberg Business
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