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"Relay Control Module"?? Problem, help please. 2007 Ridgeline

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Electrical Problems - HELP; I first had a problem two nights ago - the headlights would not go off no matter what I did. (they are "iPHCAR" aftermarket High Intensity Bulbs, each having a ballast). After i could find no fuse or relay issues, and needing the truck to start in the morning, I unplugged one headlight - the blue wire right behind the headlight assembly; I got a pretty good shock, and the light went out. So I unplugged the blue wire from the second light - same thing - shock, then off.
So, I may have ruined the high intensity bulbs, and/or the ballasts for them, but at least the truck started the next morning and i got to work. On the way home, I stopped at an O'Reilly Auto Parts store where i looked at the high intensity bulbs they had (2), and neither had a ballast in the package, and didn't mention one.
I had the battery tested by them, 750 CCAs, and "good battery". I went home, and suddenly it would not start, despite showing all power/ lights in the dash - no response from starter or engine - (tried many times, moving steering wheel and transmission selection lever - no go.

There is a feed in here about a 2008 with headlights not turning off - and at the end the guy says the "Relay Control Module". I'm wondering if that is the problem here - first showing up with lights not turning off, then not starting, but dont know. Then there's the part - O'Reilly's says they cant get one - it's a junk yard or rebuild part. Also, did he mean the entire assembly (under the hood relay and fuse box basically), or just the 7.5 amp fuse listed inside the box as "Relay Control Module" - He said it was around $400. including labor to replace, so he must of meant the whole assembly. On eBay, I find a couple, but they also call them under hood "fuse box"? Is that really it - the under hood fuse box needs replacing??
And no idea how to get headlights going again either??
Any suggestions Please...
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We have a Honda Accord. Unbeknownst to me I had left the moonroof open about 1". It rained hard with a wind and the water traveled down the A pillar to the fuse box and shorted it out. I had no idea. I first replaced the battery and then when that battery died I took it in to the dealer.

The technician showed me the wet area and I just found it hard to believe that was the issue. But it was. He replaced the fuse relay box and it's been a month and everything is fine. Be sure you check for a shorted box. Mine would make a tell tell tapping sound when the battery was charged, that was the relay(s) shorting on and off draining the battery. I also had the same issue with lights but also had blinking accessory lights inside the cabin.
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