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2017 AWD SPORT. Peragon. 1.5x0.5 traxda lift. 265/60/18 allseason. Elec popnlock. Door hack.
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My understanding is that there are two independent 10min timers for the remote start. If you do them at the same time, it doesnt give you 20min. It gives you 10min from the second remote press. It also only allows two remote presses maximum in between actually driving, or maybe just getting inside, the truck.

A way to test yours: activate remote start once. Wait 5 mins. Activate 2nd remote start. Wait and see if truck shuts off in 5mins, 10mins, or 15mins. My understanding is that it should shutoff 10 mins after the second remote press.

I might be completely wrong. .......
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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