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Dealers are just expensive. At least yours recommended the valve adjust. Mine didn't. With no warranty to worry about, I'd find a good independent Honda Mechanic. Valve adjustment is not something to skip. Honda valves tighten up and this makes no noise and can cost you a valve job or head if they get too tight. I did mine around 175k and one exhaust valve was tight, others close. I did plugs at the same time, they are in there and have access. Sorry but I don't remember the cost but it was not over $500 a couple of yrs ago.
No, stick with your dealer unless an independent Honda mechanic can save you BIG bucks ( let's say a $1,200 savings on a $1,100 job :)). I went the cheap route with both my timing belt and wheel bearings, and ended up having both re-done by my long time, quality Honda dealer within a few thousand miles. Finally got my money back from the "independent", but only after about a 6-month hassle.
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