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Replace rack and pinion?

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2007 Ridgeline. Had power steering pump replaced 6 months ago when it became very hard to turn. Several weeks ago once the car is warmed up I'd get a whine coming from the belt area when turning the steering wheel. Mechanic says I have a leak in the rack and pinion and needs replaced. $900. Says if I continue to drive it I'll lose enough fluid and burn out my new steering pump. I have nothing leaking under my truck. Any truth in this? I had the alternator replaced just two months ago.
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Some truth. I have a bad leak form the rack "snout" but no leaking on ground when parked. Only leaks when driving. Price is about right. A pain to get to. The whole cradle needs to be dropped. Yes if you let your fluid get really low it can burn your pump out. Now..depending on the quality of the pump it could just be the pump...or if the fluid is low it will whine as well.
One easy thing that can be done is to make sure that the intake hose going to the pump from the reservoir has a fresh / updated o-ring on it. This is a very common point of air infiltration into the system causing whining noises. Bascially, you unbolt the plastic hose fitting that attaches to the pump, replace the o-ring and then bolt it back in. Very little fluid will be lost.

Good luck!
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