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Let's not forget. Dealers have a lot of employees to pay every week and huge bills to pay to run a dealership. On top of that, they need to make a profit, they all do or else they would all close down and we would have no dealers to buy new vehicles from. So yes it appears to be a ripoff and always will so we all better get over it or find alternatives. But that's why it's always cheaper to DYO work if you can or ask a friends who can do it for you for a case of beer.

This is what i do. My Honda dealer charges $98 per hour plus 13% taxes here in Canada. So I got to know one of the mechanics at my dealer and he does work for me at night from his home in his garage for $30 per hour cash no taxes. It used to be $25 but his prices went up about 6 months ago. Yes it's not legal but he does it for a few people he knows and it's comforting to know the work is done by a qualified Honda Technician who knows about recalls, and all the easy tricks and copies for instalation instructions. I'm not complaining. He makes a few extra bucks working out of his garage 3 to 4 hours every night, and I get to save lots of money. So I recomend anyone to try to get to know their Honda Technicians. If they refuse to do it, they most likely know another mechanic in the shop that does. Be very friendly and snoop around your dealer when you go get work done.
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