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I wanted to take a moment and let everyone know about my experience with Basic Koncepts. When I come across something truly unique, I think it deserves some words, especially because I had read some of posts about Basic Koncepts and had my reservations about dealing with a small/new company.

The Service: I recently ordered an electric tailgaite lock kit directly from their website. I recieved it within a week, even having ordered it on a Friday. I did e-mail them once to get a tracking number, and they answered my e-mail within the business day. They also answered some other e-mails in a timely manner regarding some additional questions I had . So from the business end of it, I was happy with the shipping and the communication.

The Product: OK, let me start by saying that I am an ex-Toyota Certified Technician. I gave it up to go to medical school. So, I've seen and installed a whole lot of retrofit parts and kits, some disappointing and some brilliant. The idea and engineering behind this electric tailgate lock kit is ingenious in its simplicity, yet works REALLY well. The instructions were excellent, (so good I got bored!) with useful photos so you could see what they wanted to accomplish. I was impressed that the kit left me wanting for nothing in the way of parts or procedure. You could tell from the design of the linkage, the fabrication of the backing plates and the contents of the kit that this is completely hand made and definitely well thought out. Someone stayed up some late night in thier garage obsessing over this contraption!!!!

If this is the way these guys do business (as appears to be a small operation for now) , you can be sure I'll trust them on the next cool thing they come out with. Congrats on a great product.

Rich :D
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