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ridge at looong island

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I sat in the RTL today, I don’t know why, are the complains about the silver door handles/pullers. They look great. The silver cover is only on the outside/facing the passenger compartment. I think that is fine and will not get scratched up at that point from the jewelry as somebody mention here before. For me the handles are missing the release buttons right on them, like they mentioned before, the idea came from power tools. The trunk is gigantic! Over all for me feels like Honda, I been Honda owner for 22 years, and the whole truck speaks Honda. If you own a Honda, or did before, you should feel in it like in home immediately, at least I know I did. Rear seats looks like they are comfy too least the two outside ones, the center will be not as comfy since it is the armrest when folded. My dealer put all the extras on this one….Blaah, juck! And the price did reflect that. From 32000 to almost 39500! The prices from are so much better, you would be fool not to do it your self and save your self a bundle of money.
Will somebody from the proud owner’s group post what is the actual/ not government calculated/ gas mileage? Thanks.
Also have a secondary favor to ask. What is the motors RPM’s at 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 miles/hour? Thanks again.
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Cztomo, i am from long island also since the break in period is over and i have switched to amsoil synthetic i am getting around 23-24 mpg, hopefully when the tonaue cover comes in it will increase a bit more, the rpms i dont really pay attention to to much but last time i checked on the highway i was around 2500 rpm @ about 75 I will check again to be 100 +
There's another thread about actual gas mileage if you care to search for it. My last tank was 17.8 mpg and I just turned 800 miles yesterday.

My rpm's run around 2000 at 70 mph and 2100/2200 at 75.
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