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Ridgeline: Hip at last

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Ridgeline was in the running for car of the month at IGN against the S2000 and RX-8. Are we driving a hip truck are what? The S2000 won.

July offered us a bevy of rides that could be deemed "Car of the Month". Would Honda's innovative Ridgeline pick-up truck take top honors? No... it was good, but it still drove kind of like a truck. As we're not truck people, we couldn't give the award this car.
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This, of course, begs the question: "What the Sam Hill is a 'Truck People'?"

I better go look in the mirror and see if any horns have grown out the top of my head. :rolleyes:
Maybe it means we have a behind that can haul stuff. :p
Neva*... that is a good responce, but who gives a healthy horse wisker about being a truck, and who gives a rats wisker about being a SUV, DO WE ??? I don't think so, ITS A HONDA RIDGELINE!!! The best of both worlds... :D :D :D
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