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Ridgeline paint problems

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I own a 2011 Ridgeline EX-L that the paint is starting to peel off... It all started shorty after 3 years and Honda Canada is saying that it's not under warranty anymore....but it's clearly a defect from the factory. I can easily peel off the paint with my nails, right down to the primer...

Just wondering if there's anybody out there that had this issue with their Ridgeline....

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I am experiencing the same thing on my 2010. Currently dealing with it through Honda right now. its very frustrating.

I just posted this..


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Just a small issue with my 2009: in the far left side vertical crease of the tailgate, up near the plastic lip, the paint is lifting away just as you described (could lift it up with fingernail). But it is not in a very noticeable area and I swabbed touch-up paint over it.
I don't have peeling paint like you guys but my 2010 Black RTL did have paint issues and it is actually in the shop getting repainted right now. The problem I had is that the clearcoat was pretty much gone over much of the hood and roof and in spots on the doors and fenders on horizontal surfaces. I thought it was just the Arizona sun but when I got a quote from my local Honda dealer they submitted it to Honda as a warranty issue and Honda agreed to repaint the truck if I would pay a $500 "deductible". I took them up on that deal right away and I'm also paying extra to fix all the dents and finish re painting everything in the whole truck. She should look like new when I get her back in a couple weeks.
Same year and same problem and response from Honda Canada...

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Same problem and same runaround. ..

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