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Ridgeline right hand drive?

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Does Honda make the Ridgeline for anywhere besides North America?

If there is a right hand drive RTL, I could put the driver power seat in the left hand drive passenger side and have a passenger power seat! :D
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Hey that is an idea, now I am curious about that as well. I think so far they are only making them in Canada and only selling them in Canada and the US. Someone mentioned once that when they sell them in Europe they would have a diesel engine but I think that was just wild speculation. It would be nice to have the passenger seat have power adjustments, even if it is just some of the available adjustments that are in the driver's seat.
yeah, that is a little annoying for that price...but I don't know if I would spend that much for just a RH power seat-it has to be pretty expensive.

It doesn't bother ME that much...if you know what I mean :D
Don't think it would work

The passanger seat has various sensors in it for the airbags (which are not in the driver seat since it is assumed there is always a driver in the truck)

As a side note this is why the seat warmer on the drivers side is both seat and lower back but the passanger only gets seat and not lower back.
I hope they do sell in Europe soon. I'd like to see the guys on Top Gear thrash it about.

I sure would love a diesel version. *sigh*
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