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Ridgeline Shopping & Sad Black Edition

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I went shopping for a RTL-E today. Looked online to see who might have the color I'm looking for and headed out to a couple local dealers.

Got to the first dealer and as I'm waiting for the sales guy to come back to the Black Edition truck with the keys, I noticed the passenger window was all the way down and wouldn't you know, it rained the night before. There was actually a puddle of water in the door handle and visible water all over the door arm rest and other plastic inside the truck. I'm assuming it got all over the seat and carpet too. It's amazing to me what little care some people take with a $43k truck :crying: Oh, the truck also had 40 miles on it already and it hasn't even been PDIed - still has all the plastic protectant on the inside and some door edge foam and things.

I'm not looking for a BE and the RTL-E seems to have been dealer swapped. He does tell me that he has a burgundy RTL-E, but the windshield was chipped when it arrived. Strange.

The good thing is that I can differentiate between "need" and "want" so I told the sales guy that I want "close to invoice" and whichever dealer gets me there first gets to move a truck. They weren't willing to budge so I left my info and headed off the next dealer with the same spiel. Same thing, not budging off MSRP. I'll check in with a couple more local dealers with the same offer and I'm actually curious how well my strategy is going to work. I mean, I know it will work eventually, but curious if it'll work sooner than I expect (which is a couple months or more).
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Re: "sad Black Edition", my local dealer got a Black Edition a few days ago and on about the 2nd night it got scraped and hit on passenger side - pretty much entire rear quarter panel. Whoever hit it knew they did but disappeared.
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