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RL vs. F-150 Cargo bed

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I guy I work with, who drives a Honda Accord and loves it, just bought a new Ford F-150 Super Cab. Truck is "loaded" and list price, with dealer options was around $41,000. With the "Ford Family" discount, he says he got it for around $32,000 and he thinks this is the best deal he ever got. Loaded means power everything, sunroof, leather, nice stereo, very comfortable, but I couldnt find anything except a V-8, that's not on the RTL. He took me for a ride. It rides hard, stiff and top heavy like a big truck.

Since I know he is a Honda fan, I asked him why he didn't get a Ridgeline. He says he looked briefly, but the cargo box was too small. He wanted a full size cargobed. I was willing to let this go, till he started poking fun of my "little" truck. Game on!

I marched him out to the parking lot with a tape measure in hand. The cargo bed on his F-150 Super Cab measures 67" long. A whopping 7" longer than the RL. I asked, 7" is why you bought a "Fix Or Repair Daily"?

Further making my point, one of the dealer installed accessories was a nice 8 cubic foot brushed aluminum diamond plate lockable box that rides permanantly behind the cab to give him some lockable cargo space. The box is 18" wide.

67" - 18" = leaves a usable bed length of 49". "That's a beautiful box", I said, "but I don't need one with an 8.5 cubic foot trunk. My cargo area is 11" longer than yours". The defeated look on his face was priceless.

I threw him my keys to let him drive and all he kept saying was "this rides just like my Accord".

I don't think he is about to trade in his brand new truck, but he hasn't tried teasing me about my little pickup since.
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Excellent story. Good job with the tape measure. I'll bet his cargo box doesn't shine as much to him anymore.
Great story. I also looked at the F150 before buying on the RL and even with the employee discount I was able to get through a friend, the RL won hands down. I had a "Fix Or Repair Daily" F150 that I got rid of for the RL and I'm so glad I did. Glad I made the right choice to get a RL over a new F150 too.
Friggin eh! I can just picture YOU and your friend going at it. I would love to have been there! That guy will be kicking his behind until he gets so worked up to the point where he decides to trade in that truck for a Ridgeline at a loss....give him six to eight months, and he will trade for a 2007 :cool:
Very nicely done Steveberger! He also gave up about 7MPG for his 7". And I bet he will be about $10,000 upside down on his trade!

If I had bought a 40k truck that is selling for 30k now.

I would love to know how much they are still making on the truck.
There's a LOT of ignorance out there regarding the Ridgeline. A LOT.
Most have NEVER stepped in one, much less driven it, yet all seem like truck experts. They talk alot about "it can't tow 7500lbs" yet they've NEVER EVER strapped a trailer on to ANYTHING. Heck, even before this truck, I was towing a trailer with my old CRX. It was a trailer with tires and such for auto-xing.

It wouldn't bother me so much if they straight up said "it's not for me". What bugs me is that they pretend to be such experts on something they have no experience in. It's sad really.

This is a great story. Reminds me of conversations I have with my friends.
"Fix Or Repair Daily"?.... I thought it was "F****d on Race Day", or "Found ON Road Dead"...

Great job with the comparision!!! I love that trunk!!
Add me to the list of former F150 owners. If the Ridgeline had come out 8 months earlier, I would have saved myself about $3000 in maintenance costs. :mad:
Nicely done Steve. You are a true credit to the ROC community. :p
I have an 85 ford van... Bought it new and kept it for 20 years. It had 467 thousand miles on the odometer ( they dont all show) when I bought my Ridge. ( keep in mind that it was on it's second engine and countless alternators, water pumps and front end rebuilds.) It rode like a truck but it served me well over the years. However... when Honda came out with something that would tow a reasonable load, there was no question as to what the outcome would be... My Ridge tows better, handles better is quieter, is more comfortable and more pleasant to drive. And it hauls anything I need it to haul. Thank you Honda! I might just be a red neck... the old van seems to have become a storage shed :)
You didn't mention the jigglie front suspension. You know, the vibrations that just keep on giving and giving and giving.........

I am so grateful that the Ford dealer, with their stooooooooopid family pricing, would not make a reasonable deal on an F-150. That got me to the Honda dealer, and that got me a Ridgeline.

I have owned Ford my whole, adult life. Never again.
I to have owned Ford's all my adult life. Have been buying for the last 20 years from the same dealer who really understood how important service is. However, when my wife's brand new Windstar wouldn't get over 14 MPG and the excuses were: "It's not broken in yet", "It's winter", "Your bike rack is creating too much drag", "It was the computer, we reset it" and still it gets 14 MPG 40,000miles later, there was enough hesitation to make me look at other options.

Oh, I still looked at the F-150, a $41,000 Lariat "Family priced" at $28,000 was appealing. In as much as I loved the Ridgelines ride, look, storage and all the other great features we've all come to know and love, the #1 reason I picked the Honda over the Ford was Honda's concern for my safety. You just can't beat all those airbags IMHO and that my friends, wasn't even an OPTION on the Ford.
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I can't kick the Fords, my last 3 trucks before the Ridge were:

'94 Ranger V-6 XLT extended cab 4 X 4= Great Truck
'98 F-150 4.6 XLT extended cab 4 X 4= another Great Truck
'03 F-150 5.4 Lariat crew cab 4 X 4= I loved this truck

My Ridgline will hopfully be my last truck
Thank you Honda! I might just be a red neck...

I think we all have some inside... especially with the first pick up.
Nice job. I love it when facts get in the way of a mindless argument.
I've often thought the same thing when I see those big boxes taking up all that "extra" bed room in those trucks. And you have to climb all the way up in the bed to get to it most of the time. Brings up the age old Ridgeline-bashers' question of "how to get to the trunk with a fully loaded bed?"
well im not going to kick fords either. i had 02 F150 i traded in on my RTL. i only kept it a year but had no problems. it was a good truck and the 3 rangers i had before it were great also. :) but i know how great hondas are from past experiences too :)
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