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Roof Rack

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I see more than a few had added the roof rack (with complimentary wind noise) and I was wondering if any have used it yet. Do you plan on using it or do you just like the looks? What are you hauling up there and what is the weight capacity? Show me the pictures of items strapped on to the rack.

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I have a Thule Cargo Box (1600 series) that I have had on mine once. I would put it on to take a photo but it kind of big and pain if I'm not actually going to use it.

As for the weight capacity the instuctions say 110 pounds.
My better half has a storage box for on top of his exploder (I don't want to say that too loud in here ) :D and we plan to put it on top of the 'Line if we need to, HOWEVER, I wanted the roof rack because I thought it looked sportier!! :rolleyes: :cool:
I have it for the ski attachment - which isn't on right now.
I got ours because I like the looks. With all the other hauling and loading capacity, we may or may not ever use it to haul anything. I also like having it to hang onto when I wash the windshield. I'm short enough that standing on the running boards really helps.
Nice pix!!! BTW, did you ever use the reflector material?
I like this pic too because it looks so much like our truck. If we use the roof rack it's likely to be in this manner hauling fencing poles.
I knew I needed one of those,
now I know why.

Thanks great pic, and beautifull street.

Silver RTL with Nav XM, Moon roof, back up camera, Tow package,
soon to have SS nerf bars and retrax bed cover. And now a roof Rack.

if you get a hitch you can buy or fabricate a "T" that they use for works great for long items like ladders and lumber.
That sounds like something I would really want. I use ladders all the time and I dont want to risk damaging the truck.

Here's a picture,(slightly off topic) of the tape graciously donated by shovelhd!!!


See less See more that tape is a smart idea.............i need to do that.
Looks great!
my wife and i were unloading the truck last night.l was parked behind her car so the tailgate was swung open and so was extended past the curb and kinda into the street.....i remember walking out of the house last night and thinking. whoa, some one could have driven right into that thing..........but now i have a solution to so cool :cool: :rolleyes:
There's a whole topic on this already, with more pix:

tailgate reflectors
Ahhhh Yes.......................thank You Sir.
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