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Having just bought a 2016 Accord Touring, I am really liking the 'Accord-ish' interior on the RTL-E. I always wished there was an Acura version of the Ridgeline with top-of-the line technology, comfort, features and Super Handling All Wheel Drive. The RTL-E delivers all of that and a heated steering wheel to boot (yes, I am actually looking forward to toasty, warm hands in the winter).

Of course, I'll have to pay off the Accord first, so I'm hoping there will be a refresh of the 2nd Gen Ridgeline and the few things I don't love on the 2nd Gen. will be addressed by the time I'm ready to buy one.

#1 Front end styling looks to be styled by a committee, some lights are square, some are round, some are split by the grill 'wing'. Yuck.

#2 Honda brags about the flat floor in the back seat and then covers up the flat floor with the great storage 'pan' in the front with a console. Unless they stashed the subwoofer in there, it looks like wasted space under the new shifter and cup holders to me. Maybe there will be a ginormous 'Not an Ashtray' there on future models :).

#3 It would be really nice if Honda could squeeze a just a few more MPG out of the Ridgeline, maybe an 8, 9, or 10-speed transmission would be available in a few years to boost highway mileage.

#4 Locking tailgate.

Well, that's my wishlist. Fingers crossed....
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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