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"What I don't understand is that you (being buyers) still don't understand the process of how Honda dealers get their vehicles."

I can understand that method when it comes to ordering INVENTORY, but when a customer walks in with a deposit the truck should be ordered and manufactured within a 6 to 8 week period. This is a vehicle that will not sit on inventory, hence not cost the dealer any hold back or LIFO/FIFO inventory reconciliation. Plus, we are all paying MSRP and in some areas paying ADM!

I put money down on 2 Sept on a red E and was told 6 to 8 weeks. "we will call you when we get the VIN number"

On 24 Oct I got a texted screenshot of a system that showed everything but a production date (hidden for obvious reasons) - later to find out that the production date was 9 Nov - 11 Nov. I talked to the sales manager and he said "two weeks, MAX", so I sold my 12 CRV - weather was nice enough to ride my Fury to work - 35 degrees at 7 am is really cold.

I called the dealer on 31 Oct - no one would talk to me. My salesman TEXTED me that my truck would be in around mid December. I called him and he told me that my truck was never ordered when they said it would be and that is why the mid Dec date. Then to make matters worse, I went on line and found what I was looking for in Memphis - about 4 to 5 hours away. I called my salesman and told him that if his dealer wanted the sale of this truck that they should do what they need to do to get that truck here for me. I was told that the sales manager told the salesman, "if he, the customer, wants that truck from Memphis, then he can go get it himself". I can assure you one thing, I will NEVER use this Honda dealer for ANYTHING in the future - not even free oil changes.

All I want at this point is to find out if my truck has been made and is on the way. I have called the factory in Alabama, Customer service in California, the dealerships' home office and NOTHING. Been driving Hondas, (Cars, trucks, vans, SUV's, motorcycles) exclusively, for 35 years, perhaps time for a change?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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