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Just traded in my 2012 today for the 2017 RTL-T. Pretty impressive ride home. The tech aspects seem quite good. Intergrates easily and so well with the iPhone. Nice truck. Black on black. I really enjoyed my 2012. Hope this one serves me as well.
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Congrats Pilot, what ending vin number did you end up with?
Don't really understand the whole serial number thing, if you think his new just delivered Ridgeline have been setting on Honda's back lot since May, it's probably hasn't been.

It's not about how long it's sat around, its more fascinating how big a spread the S/N range is out there right now and what's still showing up at dealer lots daily. I just drove home serial number 132XXish and yet the same dealer still has rigs in shipment that are in the 7k range.

It was just a curious question. Meant nothing serious by it. :)
Early VINs held back to fix AWD connector under bed that had water seal issue (display panel freak out)?...or maybe tailgate latch "retro-fix"?
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