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I want to put calyx on my headers on my roadster. It works like seasoning a frying pan. Wd40 is not grease, so it probably won't work the same.

So what should we use to slow the rust?

I suspect we need something more like butter. There aren't enough oil leaks on these RLs to automatically reapply rust proofing. So maybe we need to do it ourselves. The KBS site has a spray can if cavity wax. That caught my interest the most for my rear axle carrier. Man, that looked rusty while installing my hitch this past weekend. Here are a few of my rustier bolts too.
Auto part

This bumper metal is starting to all look rusty:

Wire Vehicle door Auto part Electrical wiring

Since those pics show nothing, I had to run outside and show the ugly axle carrier.
Bumper Vehicle Automotive exterior Auto part Car

Things towards the front seem to look a little better (but still need to be checked in daylight):

Automotive exterior Vehicle Auto part Bumper Car

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21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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