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?'s for moving Prodigy 2 Brake controller over from my Sienna

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Hi Everyone,

This is my first post.

I bought a 2012 Ridgeline RTL. I don't pick up the Ridge until Saturday, but I wanted to get started on this, now.

I will be towing a 2500 lbs. trailer with the RTL.

My current TV is a 2000 Toyota Sienna. I want to pull the prodigy out of that vehicle and place in the Ridgeline.

The RTL is wired for a 7 pin connector. I can see the 7 pin connector to the left of the rear hitch. I have read that under the dash is a connector that is compatible with the Prodigy - correct me if I am wrong.

I need to know if I need any sort of an extension to mount the controller?
Is there enough wiring in the harness to reach the controller if mounted on the lower part of the dash?
Anyone have a suggested placement position for mounting the controller?
Do I need a another mounting bracket or is there a spot in the dash to mount it already?

The Sienna will be relegated to back up TV, now and my son will start to drive it. I didn't want to pull out the bracket on the minivan - just the brake controller. I would rather leave it there and get another mounting bracket if needed for the RL.


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Hi Teachndad,

Congrats on your purchase of the 2012 G1 Ridgeline RTL, and welcome to the ROC!

I'm not sure if this will be of help, but I just purchased a 2014 RTL over the weekend, and found this harness in the glove box:

I've read that this is standard equipment, so my suggestion is to check your glove box when you get the vehicle. There are also references to this wiring harness and how to connect it in the owners manual (I believe in the "Towing/Trailering" section.)

Good luck to you!
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And if you don't find the extension or Honda 1/2, you can go to Trailer Hitches & Vehicle Accessories (800)298-8924 and purchase the needed bracket and a complete pigtail from them, such as this: Tekonsha Plug-In Wiring Adapter for Electric Brake Controllers - Honda
Hey guys,

Thanks for the warm welcome!

This info was just what I needed to know! Never thought to check the glove box. Maybe I will get lucky.

I will post the results after I pick up the RL and hook up the brake controller.


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A few other options.... from Amazon

Tekonsha 3070-P Brake Control Wiring Adapter for Hondal & Tekonsha 7686 Prodigy Brake Control Mounting Pocket Kit

If you really want to keep the Sequoia as a backup, if you do find the Honda Part, you'll have to disassemble the Toyota one.
Amazon sells both mounting pocket and plug n play adapter. I bounce my controller between my 4runner and ridgeline

Thanks for the continued responses.

I picked up the RL and loved it all 50 miles back to my home from the Infinity dealer I bought it from. I love the sunroof. Goes into the Honda dealer on Saturday for the airbag swap.

It didn't have the pigtail in the glove box. So, I will order one and look at getting the pocket vs. the bracket. I thought I had a P3, but it's a P2.


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