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Sad day for me.

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I was looking at getting a ridgeline for the work that I do but now it looks like I may need a full size truck to start towing a larger trailer. This makes me sad as I like the ridgeline. Now I have to start looking at the F150 or Titan. Leening more toward the Titan. I need to recheck everything to see if we can still work with the ridge and maybe get someone else to pull the trailor.

Im sad now. I like I mean LOVE honda lol why oh why can you not make a full size truck. ahahahahahahah :(
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Bottom line is that you need to get what you need. If the Ridgeline will not have the towing capacity that you need, then you shouldn't get it.

But you can still hang out with us! :D
i know. it just that Im a crazy honda fan. I only like honda/acura. I even told my girlfriend that I will only buy honda/acura cars and trucks but I may just have to get a nissan just this time. Just hope the truck is and good as my old altima. (I did not buy it my parents did) lol

I will still be here. I can some how get away with just the Ridgeline I will get it.
How often are you going to tow? Maybe buying a used, reliable truck (inexpensive) will leave money in your budget to still buy a Ridgeline!

If not, I'm sure you will research and make a wise choice. I do like the look of the Titan personnally and had Honda not come out with the RL, it might be sitting in my garage now (I don't do any towing at the moment...)

Good luck with your research (Nissan Titan and Toyota Tundra are well rated, too.....check the link on the July Consumer Reports...) and keep us posted!
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