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Scotch Guard?

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Hello, just picked up my RTS in Amazon Green last night. Does anyone have any experience with using Scotch guard for the seats and carpet? Can it be used to protect the headliner without fear of discoloration? Is this stuff already applied in the factory?! Thanks alot.
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I used aero 303 protectant fabric guard on my seats and healiner
bigridge said:
I used aero 303 protectant fabric guard on my seats and healiner
Same here, on the carpet and headliner, not my leather seats though. :)
Yeah i was wondering the same thing i want to put scotch guard on to but dont know if it is safe to do.
My 2 cents -

We had a 91 Honda Civic SI with the black and kind of dark grey seats.

Anyway, I used like a whole can of Scotch guard on the seats, carpet, etc. On the black I saw NO color change at all anywhere in the car and the stuff really worked well. 10 years later, I detailed the car (2 days, seats out, tooth brush, air gun, etc., and re-did everything again. The interior looked just like new.

I never heard of the 303 protectant stuff but it sure sounds good so maybe that is the stuff to use now.

Hope that helps some.
I found out about the 303 protectant from this group. If you search on "fabric protection" you can find more posts on it. I bought some and used it on my RTS (cloth interior) and worked fine. The also have a product for the plastic and rubber, it worked fine as well (not slick and slimey like Armor All).
I have the 303 fabric protectant...just waiting for a day off and warm, dry weather to apply it. How long should I figure on letting it dry?
This is getting frustrating. According to 303, Ace down the street from me has the stuff , but Ace has no knowledge of it. :confused: Anyway, they ordered it for me. :rolleyes:
303 and other options

There are a whole bunch of online detailing sites where you can order this and any other detailing product you can think of. Most mass market parts places wont have the selection. Good info to. Here are a few examples:
I went ahead and applied Scotch guard. There are 2 products, one that is made for carpet and one for cloth. The carpet one foams up so you can see where you've applied it. A few hours later, the foam is absorbed and not visible except for a few spots where you applied it heavily, it brushes off. I saw no color change in my carpet. I suggest having all doors open and being outdoors because the fumes were potent last night, but by this morning, I've got my new car smell back.
don't new cars come with protectant from the factory?? Maybe thekid can answer this?

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