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Hello, first post here. Mainly I just lurk and read all the good gouge. I wish it was under better circumstances. Last night someone sideswiped my new Amazon Green RL outside my flat (onstreet parking blows). They must have just rubbed it but they managed to leave some nice scratches along my front left quarterpanel and a big paint chip at the top of the wheel well. I'm not sure it is worth an insurance claim (and the concomitant rate hike) so I was wondering what everyone's opinion is on the best wax for filling/buffing out scratches. I'll pick up some touch-up from the dealer for the chip. Thanks.
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Welcome, but I wish your first post was a happy one. Bummer, dude. That is rotten.

When you get your paint, try using a tooth pick or get one of those tiny artist's brushes. That finernail painting brush puts out too big of a gob. I also put on layer after layer and kept wiping it out with a cotton swab until I thought it looked right. We just had a tiny scratch, not a chip, so yours may be different to paint.

I can't comment on the wax part. Good luck and I hope you can make it look OK.
Truckin' said:
That finernail painting brush puts out too big of a gob.

Also could try H&A here:

Scroll down to 11th item from the bottom of page.
Chip-Mender touch up paint pen.

I'm going to order one of these when I order my first oil filters.
You might try the blob eliminator. As I recall it does a better job than the standard brush or toothpick approaches.

Welcome aboard DH1! Sorry to hear about what happened to your Ridgeline. Two things, your insurance should not be affected by what happened. You did not have an accident that was your fault and it was not a moving violation. Your claim for unattended vehicle damage should be covered by the comprehensive portion of your policy. I am not an insurance expert but unattended vehicle damage, especially minor damage, is no reason to increase your rates unless there are a lot of claims. Your deductable may or may not be an issue but I think that it would be worth a call to your agent. That is what they are there for.

If you do decide to handle it yourself, check the Porter-Cable orbital buffer on the Buffers and Polishers link at . There is a lot of great information on that site. If the metal is not damaged and the scratch is primarily on the surface, you might be very surprised at what you can do on your own with the right tools amd materials. A body shop could give you some advice that would be very valuable too.
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Thanks for all of the input and suggestions. I ordered some touch-up and a Chipmender pen from HandA. We'll just see how that works out. Thanks again.
Maybe I should take one of these suggestions and fix the scratch I have on the back of my truck. Not really sure where it came from, it is very thin but definitely noticable. Maybe when it isn't raining every other day I can get out and really look at it.
If the metal is not damaged and the blemish is primarily on the surface, you ability be actual afraid at what you can do on your own with the appropriate accoutrement and materials.

Can't complain.... At least he used the SEARCH feature to find this (rather old) thread. Some folks never try that trick.

Bummer about your Ridgeline getting scratched! Looks like you've got the paint chip part covered with your recent purchase. If you need something to take care of the scratches, I'd sure recommend a product called "Quixx." Consumer Reports rates it #1 in removing scratches. I've tried it, and it works great. Check out this video for more info...

You can get Quixx at Wal-Mart or any LAPD (local auto parts dealer).
Blob elimanator works!!!!!!!!!! i
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