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Screen Protector

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Anybody ever use one of these screen protectors like you find for your phone?

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I have this one and highly recommend. Great quality product and fit. Honda Ridgeline 2021 8-inch Screen Protector
What do you think is the purpose? Do you think it’s completely necessary? Does it improve anything or just act as a protective barrier?

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If you don’t want one — don’t buy one.

My truck, my money, I can do what I want, and I don’t have to explain it to you.
Settle down man. I was asking a sincere question. No need to get upset.

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I am waiting for Nushield to make one for the infotainment unit with the knob.

This seems to be a constant debate. There are benefits to installing a screen protector. The screen can get fine scratches from fingernails, towels, paper towels, dirt on hands, etc. They are very fine and most of the time you won't notice them, but they will exist.

One person dropped their keys and they slid down the screen and caused a major scratch. The material used for the screen is not as tough as the gorilla glass or other material used on cellphones.

I always purchase a screen protector.
Thanks man! I appreciate the info. I think I’m leaning towards one.

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