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Seat belt bolt threat size?

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So me and my buddy were installing the rear seat back in and the front edge of the bolt cross threaded. Bolt will need to be replaced which I'm going to get from a dealership. Does anyone know the thread size/pattern so I can tap the hole out to clean out any misthreads (rear seat, lower bolt next to the door).
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Ooo, good info; that will help with using the exsisting bolt rather than having to buy the entire seatbelt assembly again. But I also need to know the tap so I can clean out the threads in the body.
I dont suppose Wayne would mind sharing the thread details about the Front seat anchor bolts as well, would he?:D
"Right on, 'Dude'"
Threads for the window seat belt are as good as new. I used one of my precision files on the bolt that i had and it worked great as well. Thanks for the tips. I was gonna cut the bolt off because technically it doesn't need to be as long as it is from a mechanical point of view (majority of the applied load on bolt is in the first 3 threads).
Let me know when you find the threads for the bolts that hold the front seats down.
There are some more bolts below the Torx bolts. I believe they need a 14 mm socket to remove.

I just answered my own question. The bolts I'm looking at are 10mmx1.25 threading.
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