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Seat belt bolt threat size?

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So me and my buddy were installing the rear seat back in and the front edge of the bolt cross threaded. Bolt will need to be replaced which I'm going to get from a dealership. Does anyone know the thread size/pattern so I can tap the hole out to clean out any misthreads (rear seat, lower bolt next to the door).
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Get a triangular file and file away the burs on the existing bolt. You should be good to go from there:
The best thing that I would do, short of relying on the dealer, is to go to a Home Depot or Lowes type of place and go to the isle with all of the screws, bolts, and nuts. They should have a chart that you can check the thread pitch and size. I f in doubt ask for help from the person that handles that area. I have found, at least in Mansfield, TX, them to be helpful in a positive way. They may also have the required tap on hand.
That's right Ron, steal my thunder :eek: ;) :D
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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