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Seat Covers

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Has anyone seen after market seat covers for the Ridge? Summer is almost here and they would be nice to have.
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I'm looking for some too--are the side airbags in the seat or in the pillars?
I believe the air bags are in the seats.
the side air bags or SCAB's are above the headliner just above the window area ;)
Ridge4me and Kid, you are both correct. I looked this up today. A draping air bag comes down from above the doorways, but another air bag is actually in the sides of the front seats. If you notice when you get into your truck, there is a small label at the outside shoulder area of the front seats that says, "airbag."

This seems to rule out putting seat covers on unless someone is aware of a break away design that would not interfere with the side airbags. Ouch, I guess I'll get used to being burned by the leather.
Truckin' said:
Ouch, I guess I'll get used to being burned by the leather.
Or use seat covers risk getting ejected in the event that god forbid you ever need the airbags.

Temperature fluctuation is one of the reasons I went the RTS route (fabric seats). Would have loved the Nav and Homelink though :(
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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