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Hey everyone! I’ve recently picked up a 2009 Ridgeline again and noticed that the heated seats do not work. The driver seat switch has an indicator light that flickers and no heat, and passenger seat doesn’t run or light up at all. I’ve checked the fuse (#11) under the hood, did a basic check of wiring behind the switches and underneath the seat to make sure everything was seeded properly. I didn’t have my meter with me to check voltage at all. Before I do, any ideas or troubleshooting tips? Thanks!

donuteater - I don't think that's it because anytime the lights are on, the seats are warm. Of course, neither was on before yesterday, but I think that's because I never left them on long enough.

More reproducible information. So I took the kids to school this morning and left them both in the 'off' position until 5 or so minutes after starting the engine and driving. Turned them on and nothing happened. In fact, nothing happened for the remainder of the 30 minute drive. After I dropped them off, I turned the RL off and then put the switches in the 'on' position. Cranked the truck and no lights, no warmth. However, a few minutes after driving, they came on again.

So it seems if I want to use them I need to have them on when the truck is started, and then also wait a few minutes for them to actually come on. On the upside at least they work and are getting power, so it's probably not a fuse. I'm inclined to blame the switches, but I would assume they would either work or not. I should note that by using the 'turn on then crank then wait' method to get them working, they do actually function fully. They can be switched to Hi, Lo, or even turned off and back on again. Relay maybe? I'm at a loss...
Did you ever figure anything out with this issue? I’m having issues with my heated seats on my 09 currently and looking for ideas before I start investigating.
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