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I'm hoping someone might have an idea here; or then again it might be normal behavior, though I've never encountered this in another vehicle. Admittedly, I'm new to the Ridgeline world, but posts on this site were very influential in my purchase. As an aside, though I've only had my 2008 RTL for a few weeks, I've quickly grown fond of it and love to drive it!

Now, on to the seat warmers. When I bought, I noted that the lights weren't coming on in the seat warmer switches, and while I didn't feel any warmth in the short time I test drove it, I assumed it was either faulty switches or a fuse somewhere. I didn't do a thorough check like replacing a relay or anything, but I did check fuses and things looked OK. Still the lights or heat never came on. Winter is over here in GA, so I figured I'd worry about it when it got cold again. Fast forward to tonight. My daughter had inadvertently turned on the passenger warmer and a few minutes after driving down the road she realized her seat was warming. We looked and the light was on! I checked the driver's side and it worked too! This was understandably a shock. We later went inside to eat and when we came back out the lights and warmers wouldn't work again...until after driving for 3 minutes or so.

Is this normal behavior? We reproduced it several times tonight and I'm now wondering if this was the 'problem' all along? Every other car I've ever used with warmers, they come on immediately after the car starts. I also couldn't find anything in the manual or on the forums that described this behavior. Any ideas?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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