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Service Experience

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I had my cracked windshield replaced yesterday. The raddle coming from my sun visors was fixed as well. That's all that needed to be done after 12,550 miles.

I was very reluctant to have my windshield replaced but the Honda represented insisted that it be replaced as well as the raddle fixed. The raddle has been fixed and as for the windshield there is no wind noise.

As a side note my rental was a Dodge 1500 Ram. Big old thing but was it loud and the wind noise was unbelivable at any speed. The thing road like a truck and drove like a truck. More like a 2 ton rock toter. I told my salesman that they need to rent the truck and make sure that a Ridgeline prospect drive it around the block and a sale will be made for sure.

Thanks Honda for the great service and attention that you are paying to your customers.

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Thanks for the story Tiger. To drive or ride in the competition is a very good sales angle. I got to ride in a friends brand new (2 day old) Ford F150 double cab 4x4 and I gotta' tell you, there really IS NO comparison regarding ride, overall noise suppression, quality of interior materials and design, fit and finish... Cheesy looking plastic is everywhere and not much clever or imaginative engineering went into the design of this interior. I didn’t know what to say, I told him “thanks for the ride, great truck,” but I was thinking, “Wholly crap!” :eek: If you need a workhorse truck for your job, I guess this would be the ticket. But, for my application (and his), this is not my idea of a reasonable option. It put things into perspective and made me really appreciate the quality and engineering that went into my Ridgeline.
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